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The Bearded Axe Beard Comb - Original

Viking age Scandinavians were known for their "bearded" axes, which had a hook or "beard" that extended the cutting edge and provided a wide cutting surface. The design was a great multi-purpose axe that enabled more detailed woodworking and served as a formidable weapon capable of pulling a sword or shield from a defender's grasp.

Our "bearded axe" is another, and perhaps its greatest accolade: it makes for the world's baddest beard comb! It's partly ridiculous, partly over-the-top, but it's 100% a functional statement in a typical No Shave Life way.

Expertly cut and assembled seamlessly from fragrant green sandalwood and boxwood, the original comb is refined and polished to perfection. An interesting and fun feature of green sandalwood: it becomes more green in color over time and once exposed to sunlight.

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N. Corzine (Nashville, US)
Great item

Was loved immediately and used repeatedly.