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You Need The Right Hat to Go Along With That Beard, Sir.

August 06, 2021 4 min read

It’s no secret that an epic beard deserves an equally epic hat. And it’s definitely no surprise that you can find the perfect hat right on the No Shave Life website. The trick is finding the most comfortable fit so that your noggin is just as happy as your face. No Shave Life is introducing this handy dandy hat guide to help you in all your hat purchasing shenanigans. Let’s take a look at the different styles we offer and how they fit so you can choose the perfect hat to compliment your No Shave Life[style].

01. The Trucker

You don’t have to be one to own one.   

Our Trucker hat boasts a pre-curved visor and a medium crown height with a snapback enclosure. The back of the hat is made of mesh. This may not make you a trucker but you can almost look like one. If that’s your thing. Bonus points if you actually are a trucker.  Take it from another trucker wannabe in this review. (they were really excited as you can tell by the CAPS)  “GREAT CAP! THIS IS WELL MADE AND I THE EMBROIDERY IS REALLY NICE ON THE FRONT AND THE BACK. THE BLACK LOGO AGAINST THE RED BACKGROUND REALLY STICKS OUT. I REALLY LIKE THE SHAPE. I'M PICKY HOW HATS LOOK ON ME AND THIS IS PERFECT. I LIKE THE HEIGHT OF THE CROWN AND THE BILL IS SHAPED WELL. GREAT CHOICE!”

02. The Regular Snapback

It’s okay to go regular sometimes.  

The regular snapback hat was our first hat and is still our most popular. This hat features a snapback enclosure, a higher crown, and a flat visor. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s what someone’s momma always says.  And if what mommas says isn’t enough, why not hear it straight from one of our customer’s mouths? Oh, yeah, we’re going to share a review with you… “I've purchased many hats throughout my life and none are made with the same quality, design, and material. This hat is a straight attention-getter because of its sleek design and exceptional quality. I highly recommend the OG Beard Logo Snapback - you will love it!!!!!”

03.The Stretch-Fit Hat

Sometimes a cabeza just needs a little stretchy stretchy.  

Featuring the same sexy look of the regular snapback hat with a flat visor and a high crown, the only difference is that this hat has a hidden, non-adjustable back and is available in two different sizes. The M/L  runs 7 ⅛  to 7 ⅜  inches in diameter. The L/XL runs 7 ⅜  to 7 ⅝  inches in diameter.  Check out this awesome review from a fellow bearded dude with a big head! (his words, not ours!) “First off the fitted fits as if it was made for me! When I buy my fitted hats I normally order 7 7/8. This hat came in XL and fit my BIG HEAD perfectly! No issues with deepness @ all! I will purchase again. Ordered and received within 36 hours! NO BS!” -A Review For the Army Green Stretch Fitted

05. The Regular Flexfit Hat

Again, no shame in the regular game. 

This hat is perfect for the bearded individual who may need a taller crown height and a more flexible fit. The flat visor is also a nice touch. Choose between M/L or L/XL for the perfect fit. The M/L  runs 7 ⅛  to 7 ⅜  inches in diameter. The L/XL runs 7 ⅜  to 7 ⅝  inches in diameter.  Again, words of wisdom straight from the horses (and by horses, we mean customer’s) mouth. “IT TAKES A LOT TO MAKE THIS LOOK GOOD - BUT YOUR HAT DID IT !!! THANKS AGAIN FELLAS/GALS - GREAT FITTING STUFF”

06. The Curved Visor Flexfit Hat

It’s all in the curve of it.

  This hat comes equipped with a curved visor, (obviously), a medium crown height,  and a flexible fit in two different sizes. Choose between S/M or L/XL for the perfect fit. The S/M  runs 6 ¾ to 7 ¼ inches in diameter. The L/XL runs 7 ⅛ to 7 ⅝  inches in diameter.  Check out how customers are loving the curved visor flex-fit! “Nice cap, fits just right, love the camo look and the NSL design!!!” If you can’t tell by now, we’re pretty serious about our hats. Nearly as serious as we are about our beards… and that’s pretty freaking serious. Whether you have a normal size and shaped dome or yours tend toward the larger side of things, we have a hat that should fit you. If you prefer a snap fit or a more flexible fit, a flat visor or a curved one, we can help you out. Now you can grab the perfect fitting hat to go along with your No Shave Life tee shirt and beard care products. And when that awesome hat finally lands on your doorstep, be sure to shoot us a pic and a review. We love seeing our bearded customers living the No Shave Life! 

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