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What Beard Style Suits My Face Shape?

July 12, 2022 2 min read

How to find good beard styles for your face shape

Choosing a good beard style can be hard, especially if you’ve never experimented much in the past. Your first step is to look at your face and figure out the shape it actually makes: is it round, oval, square, rectangular/oblong, , or heart-shaped? No wishful thinking here: know thyself, then get to know your beard.

Once that’s sorted, it’s time to choose between the best beard styles for the face shape you have:

Beards for round faces

The round face is flattered by beards and goatees that add length and/or definition. The stiletto beard (full, but with with a pointed tip) and the van dyke beard are both good options.


Beards for oval faces

Congratulations, you’ve won the face shape lottery: pretty much anything goes for oval face shapes. Just stay away from pointed beards, like the stiletto, which can upset the balance of your face.


Beards for square faces

A clean, square jaw is the envy of all, so we won’t be surprised if you want to show it off with a clean shave, or one of the more sculpted goatees (chin strap, soul patch, etc.). The full beard, stiletto beard, scruffy beard, and stubble beard are also good beard styles for this face shape. That said, keep your beard jawline rounded or pointed: you can be too chiseled.


Beards for rectangular/oblong faces

You want to avoid lengthening your face, so avoid long beards that end in a point. Instead, try beards and goatees that draw the attention upward, like the van dyke beard or balbo beards.


Beards for heart-shaped faces

Aw, cute. The heart-shaped face calls for a beard that adds greater weight to your jaw. Short or full beards are therefore good options, but a good layer of scruffy beard can do you a world of favors with less commitment.

Which one suits you? let us know in the comment section below and get a chance to get up to 20% Off discounts! 
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