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The Unbeatable Beard Quiz

July 16, 2022 2 min read

Beards in the olden days were seen on most gentlemen even when they didn’t maintain them so well, time came and others chose to shave them all. Nowadays people are embracing their beards and are considered attractive. Take up the unbeatable quiz on beards below and see how much you know about beards.


1.How long was Hans N Langseth's beard, the longest beard ever?

A.15ft 6in

B.16ft 6in

C.17ft 6in

D.18ft 6in

E.19ft 6in

2.How much whisker hair does the average clean-shaven man remove in his lifetime?

A. 2.5kg

B. 3.5kg

C. 4.5kg

D. 5.5kg

E. 6.5kg

3. How long is the current (August 2009) longest beard in the world?

A. 7ft 7in

B. 8ft 7in

C. 9ft 7in

D.10ft 7in

E. 11ft 7in

4. How fast, on average, does a mans beard grow?

A. 0.008 cm per day

B. 0.018 cm per day

C. 0.028 cm per day

D. 0.038 cm per day

E. 0.048 cm per day

5. By how much does the average mans beard grow per year?






6.When does a mans beard grow fastest?

A. When he strokes it

B. Just after he has washed it

C. When he anticipates sex

D. When he sleeps

E. During the first six months of growth

7. On average a mans beard contains how many hairs?

A. 1,500,000

B. 50,000

C. 5,000

D. 15,000

E. 150,000

8. Which of these famous men did NOT have a beard?

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. Julius Ceaser

C. Henry VIII

D. Jesus Christ

E. Charles Darwin

9. What colour is Father Christmas' beard?

A. Auburn

B. Brown

C. Blonde

D. Black

E. White

10. Which famous bearded man appeared on a British £10 note?

A. Father Christmas

B. Brian Blessed

C. Charles Darwin

D. Henry VIII

E. Abraham Lincoln


Send your answers back to our support team and get an instant suprise gift if you get 10/10. 

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