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Do Women Really Like Beards? We Ask the Experts (Women)

August 17, 2022 1 min read

Beards are on-trend right now and there’s hardly a guy who hasn’t at least dabbled in growing one. But do women actually like beards? We decided to put everyone’s mind at rest and go to the source — by actually asking women their real opinions on facial hair.
Apparently there are some (extremely) strong opinions in both camps, so read on.
Team Beard Love
These women gave a resounding “yes!” to their love of a sexy beard. Whether it’s better for kissing or giving a distinguished masculine edge, they love the bearded look.
In the end, like everything in life, it boils down to confidence and personal preference. If you want to try a beard, find a beard style that fits your personality.
A few women might not mind the lumber-jack look but most will be happier if it’s tidy and well-cared for

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