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When the Trend is Over.. The Beard Stays.

November 09, 2019 2 min read 1 Comment

When the trend is over.. The beard stays.

How many times have you heard, “your beard is cool and all.. but what are you going to do when the beard fad is over with?.”

I myself have and still do hear this very question and see the trend everywhere.

To me and many others, my beard is simply just a part of me and something that won’t leave my face. Most likely ever.

Sure, the beard has become a fad over the last couple years with events like No Shave November and various others. From stubble to a clean short beard to beards that reach the ground almost, they are out there and they are everywhere. With a large amount of men jumping on the beard bandwagon comes goofy and ironic beard t-shirt campaigns, mass amounts of beard oil companies, and even beard models.

I myself started a clothing line based on the beard and to many, falls under the category of a trendy, however I see it differently. I’d like to think I have a substantial beard, something that took me over a year to grow, and I’m proud of that. Not that there’s anything wrong with a 2 day beard by any means, but once you pair the 2 day beard with a “Beard Gang” shirt, the trend shows its colors.

This is why I created the brand, No Shave Life Beard Co. A well designed, high quality apparel and headwear brand focusing on the awesomeness of the beard, but not following the trends. Just great looking, great quality gear for the beardos like myself. I felt like I owed it to the beard community to offer those exact things as there are plenty of people who want it simple and awesome, not “Bearded for her pleasure” or “My other ride is a beard” as funny and ironic as they are.

So as the title goes, when the trend is over.. the beard stays for the smaller community of beardos and the quality gear we provide at No Shave Life stands strong. And the beards keep growing.

Beard On.

To learn more about No Shave Life Beard Co. please visit

www.noshavelife.com and give us a share on Facebook.

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November 05, 2016

This full, forever beard is 29 years in the making, and have been a Beard Advocate since, fighting discrimination against us at work and in society, a whiskered, dedicated soldier in the Beard.Revolution. I did this for Manhood to be restored and revered from over a century of forced conformity to oligarchs and advert fiends who smeared us and harmed our families, our rights and existence. What you do here carries the spirit and message of liberation for men to be what their DNA says. The Beard frees the shorn, enslaved guy to be himself by Omnipotent, intelligent design. Your design is a proud part of that truth, and I am grateful to have discovered it.

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