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Sample Packs by Kingsmen Premium

Fulfilled by our friends at Kingsmen Premium

Our sampler kits enable you to order samples of each scent in your favorite Kingsmen beard care products. What you’ll get in your sampler pack is the entire lineup of all seven Kingsmen Premium scents including Black Knight, Chainmail, Dragon, Holy Grail, Kings Court, White Knight and Wizard. Choose from these different sampler kits:

Beard Oil Sample Pack

Enjoy the nourishing power of Kingsmen Premium beard oil in each of our seven signature scents. Test out a new beard oil scent each day while keeping that beard groomed and well-moisturized. You’ll be able to determine the beard oil scent you love the most before buying your next full-sized bottle. 

Beard Butter Sample Pack

Get the deep-conditioning magic of clean, natural Kingsmen Premium beard butter in samples of all seven scents.  Keep those whiskers happy and moisturized while you decide which of our coveted fragrances is the one.

Beard Balm Sample Pack

Kingsmen Premium beard balm is clean beard care, boasting all-natural ingredients that will hold your beard in place, taming flyaways and nourishing each hair down to the roots. With the sampler pack, you’ll be able to test out each of our signature scents in this application, enabling you to choose the one you love the most. 

Mustache Wax Sample Pack

Grab yourself samples of all seven of our scents in Kingsmen Premium mustache wax and smell great while maintaining superior hold in your mustache and beard. You may discover a scent you like or fall in love with all of them. Either way, it’s going to make ordering your next full-sized mustache wax a lot easier. 

So, don’t wait! Figure out which Kingsmen Premium scent you like the most by trying one of our sampler kits today!


Customer Reviews

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Glen Buehler (Temperance, US)

Twice I thought I was ording different sample colors.