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Damn Handsome Grooming Co. Scotch Ale Beard Oil 1 oz.

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Scent: A killer combo of allspice, tobacco & vetiver. Earthy and warm.

Evokes: Uncut grass on a crisp day or sipping on a scotch in a leather bound study. 

How To Apply:Use on a clean, slightly damp beard. Dispense of few drops into hand. Rub into skin and beard, coating the whiskers from root to end. Comb through with a natural bristle brush or hands. Stay handsome. *Discontinue if irritation occurs. External use only.

Packaging: 1 oz. glass bottle with a convenient dropper top.

Good For: Moisturizing, softening, eliminating beard dandruff.

Strengths: Sustainable, small batch and hand crafted. 

Should Last You: 2-3 months.

Of Note: This beard oil is made partly from beer ingredients from craft breweries. 

Ingredients:Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Calendula Flower, Sunflower Flower, Aloe Leaf, Seaweed, Marshmallow Root, Natural Fragrance, Hops.

Legend Has It: Beer is partly responsible for civilization as we now know it."Because before beer was discovered, people used to wander around and follow goats from place to place. And then they realized that this grain [barley] could be grown and sprouted and made into a bread and crumbled and converted into a liquid which gave a nice, warm, cozy feeling. So gone were the days that they followed goats around. They stayed put while the grain grew and while the beer was brewed. And they made villages out of their tents. And those villages became towns, and those towns became cities. And so here we are in New York, thanks to beer." - Charlie Bamforth, Beer Scientist

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Damn Handsome Grooming Co. Scotch Ale Beard Oil