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Beard Butter by Kingsmen Premium

Fulfilled by our friends at Kingsmen Premium

The price includes one, 2-ounce jar of premium beard butter.

Kingsmen Premium Beard Butter has a transformative effect on the appearance, health and feel of your beard, drawing away from ho-hum and steering it straight to magnificence. Beard dandruff, itchiness and dry, brittle hair stand no chance up against our powerful formula packed with benefits. All-natural and organic ingredients give you deep conditioning, leaving your beard soft and touchable. Our blend of Shea butter, clear Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, and Sweet Almond Oil are boosted with essential oils to nourish your beard and take control of how it looks.


Black Knight - Reminiscent of a premium cologne, Black Knight will leave its mark in the memories of anyone who catches your scent. It is an organic, essential oil union of lavender, citrus, berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. 

Chainmail - Chainmail is a bright, summery blend of citrus essential oils. Bound to be one of your favorite Kingsmen scents, Chainmail’s refreshing bouquet keeps you smelling freshly-showered all day without an overpowering fragrance. 

Dragon - As a more subtle cologne scent, Dragon uses patchouli essential oil to invoke warm, earthy notes while calling on hints of incense and campfire. 

Holy Grail - Our flagship scent is an ambrosial ode to history’s kings and noblemen. The exotic and intoxicating oud wood scent is a time-tested classic cologne aroma that powerful men have worn for centuries. 

Kings Court - King’s Court is a warm, inviting fragrance with delicious vanilla notes that almost make you want to eat it. One sniff invokes images of cozy blankets and lattes by the fire. 

Unscented - Unscented is for the beardsman who prefers to smell a product’s carefully selected ingredients rather than added fragrances. This is easier on a sensitive nose and is better suited for those Kingsmen who suffer from allergies.

White Knight - Using a blend of lemon, sage and lavender essential oils, White Knight has a delicious aroma. It’s subtle, clean, sunny and bound to brighten the day of anyone who catches a whiff. 

Wizard - Our second most popular scent is tangy, sweet and bright. This blend of blueberry and thyme will wake you up and energize your senses, like an aromatic palate cleanser that keeps you smelling fresh for hours.


    •         Shea Butter
    •         Jojoba oil
    •         Sweet almond oil
    •         Grapeseed Oil
    •         Essential oils and fragrances 

    *PLEASE NOTE: Butters may melt during the shipping process. Open container with caution, if you receive your butter and it is in a liquid state close and shake the container vigorously and then place the container in your freezer to allow it to return to a solid-state.


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    Craig Miles (Seattle, US)

    Great product!
    (Chainmail scent)