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Beard Care with No. 8 Beard Oil from No Shave Life

November 09, 2019 6 min read

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our signature No. 8 Beard Oil, so we thought we’d write a blog post about it to give you all as much information as possible.


Here’s what’s in this blog post, in case you’d like to skip to a section:

  • What’s good about our No. 8 Beard Oil - how it addresses common beard care issues, and a description of the scent profile.
  • How to use No. 8 Beard Oil - recommendations on the different ways to use No. 8 Beard Oil.
  • Preview of new beard care products - a brief preview of our soon-to-come expanded No. 8 Beard Care line.


Living a No Shave Life is more than just growing a trendy beard because it's fashionable; it’s all about representing your individuality and going against the grain, being you in a world of “professionalism” = “clean shaven.” We like to argue that professionalism, success or respectability has NOTHING to do with how much facial hair a guy has or does not have (this is the idea behind our  Bearded and Employed T-shirt!).

That being said, growing a beard has its difficulties, from the itchy phase, to beardruff, patchy growth, dry skin, stagnant growth, or dry brittle hair. That’s why we created our No. 8 Beard Oil with all natural carrier and essential oils from  Mountain Rose Herbs with properties that address all of these issues with a badass smell to boot.

Here’s what’s good about our oil:

1. Fights skin irritation, dryness, and beardruff. While growing a beard, your sebaceous glands are working hard to keep your beard hair moisturized, but the longer your beard gets, the more difficult it is for your sebaceous glands to keep up with your long beard hairs. Becasue of this, oils on your skin are stripped  causing dry, flaky skin. No. 8 Beard Oil works to keep this at bay with carrier oils such as Black Seed, Hazelnut, Grapeseed, Avocado, and Sweet Almond oils.


  • Moisturize your skin - Avocado and Sweet Almond oils help keep your skin moisturized with their natural content of Vitamins A and E, which specifically work to address dry skin and hair.
  • No Greasy Feel - Grapeseed and Hazelnut oils are included not only for their great moisturizing properties, but also for their quick absorption without a greasy feel. Grapeseed and Hazelnut are also great for all skin types, so it won’t clog your pores.
  • Reduce Skin Irritation - It also contains essential oils such as Juniper Berry, Pine and Sandalwood which contain anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties to battle irritated skin under your beard.
2. Patchy and stagnant beard hair growth. So, you’ve been trying to grown out your beard, but are noticing that it doesn’t grown in as full as you’d like, with patches of sparse hair, or maybe you’ve been rocking a big beard for a while and you’ve noticed that it’s just not making growth gains anymore - sound familiar. Well, you’re in luck because No. 8 contains all natural essential oils that work to get that beard growing strong.
For example, No. 8 contains Rosemary, Cedarwood and Black Pepper essential oils which work to increase circulation, stimulating hair follicles and improving hair follicle function and Grapeseed and Black Seed oils working to prevent hair loss.

  • Dry, damaged, or brittle beard hair. Beard hair is not like the hair on your head. It’s coarse and thick to protect your face from the elements.

  • With such manliness, beard hair tends to be drier because it requires more oil from your sebaceous glands to keep it moisturized and sometimes your sebaceous glands can’t keep up, especially if you’re rocking a badass long-term, super long beard.
    Luckily, this is one of the main that we created No. 8 to address; it has Sweet Almond, Avocado, Vitamin E, Hazelnut, and Grapeseed carrier oils which add shine, strengthen, protect, and condition beard hairs, and prevent split ends. Sweet Almond oil even has a natural SPF 5 to protect your badass beard from the sun.

    3. Scent.When you use a beard oil, you not only want it to improve the quality of your beard hair and skin, you also want it to smell awesome. Some beard oils work great, but don’t smell great or, on the other hand, some smell great but don’t do much to improve your beard hair and skin issues.

    Well, we think we’ve made something badass enough to claim it does both. No. 8 Beard oil is curated to not only make your beard soft, strong and keep those beardruff flakes off of your shirt, but it also smells like pure manliness. We like to describe it asPiney. Woodsy. Manly. Awesome.”

    To get a little nerdy, I want to describe how meticulously we paid attention to not only the properties of the oils in No. 8, but also how carefully we layered the notes of the scent.

    When you first put on No. 8, you’ll first notice the strong, fresh scents of pine, rosemary and juniper berry with a slight undertone of black pepper.

    As the day goes on, those scents fade a bit exposing the deeper, woodsy notes of sandalwood, and cedarwood.

    All of the essential oils we’ve layered create a complex, but not too overpowering scent that lasts and lasts.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s a few reviews from our awesome customers:

    “Just thank you for having such a awesome product... The beard oil smells like I'm running thru the woods with my shirt off and a axe on my back while my bear cub follows me…”
    “My fiancé loves all of your products. You guys have the best smelling beard oil. I love it when he uses it.”
    “I like the oil from No Shave Life because it smells good and you get a good amount of oil for the money. I also like the pump dispenser instead of the dropper. I highly recommend this product.”
    “Love the smell and how the oil makes my beard feel! Not too thick and greasy feeling like a balm or other oil brands made it feel"
  • __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • How to use No. 8 Beard Oil

    Ok, ok. I know... we’ve gone into all this detail about why we think No. 8 rocks,  but you want some of the more day to day details, like how the hell to use it.

    Here are our recommendations:

    • After you shower. Right after you get out of the shower, with a freshy fresh beard, slather on some of that No. 8! Using No. 8 right after the shower allows your beard hair and facial skin to better absorb the badass oils in No. 8 because your pores and hair follicles are open due to that steamy shower you just took. This is the time to slather on a bit more than you would when your beard is dry.
    • Throughout the day.If you have especially dry skin or beard hair, be sure to take No. 8 with you to use throughout the day. We’d recommend using a minimal amount (unless you’re going for a shiny look, then in that case, just slather it on!) a couple times a day to keep dryness at bay (look, I rhymed!).
    • To condition your wooden beard combs. If you have wooden beard combs such as the NSL OG Walnut Folding Comb or the OG Walnut Beard Comb, or the No. 8 Beard Oil/ Walnut Comb Combo Pack you can keep your comb strong and conditioned by rubbing some beard oil on it periodically. The beauty of using wooden beard combs is that they get better with use and age because they start to absorb your natural oil and every time you use it, they redistribute oils back to your beard hair. Conditioning your comb with No. 8 Beard Oil will add to this by distributing the beard oil on to your beard hair every time you use your comb.
    • Before bed. Slather on some No. 8 right before you go to bed to help moisturize your beard strands and skin overnight.

    Preview of New Beard Care Products

    You've probably already noticed, but currently we only have one beard oil and we think it needs some friends, so we're working on some new products to offer. 

    Here's what's coming this Spring:

    • 2 oz bottles of No. 8 Beard Oil - for those of you who go through 1 oz. quickly.
    • No. 8 Beard Balm - for those of you who would like a bit more shaping capability.
    • No. 8 Refresher - a lighter weightless oil spray to freshen and moisturize your beard throughout the day.
    • Expanded beard care line - we’re working on coming up with new beard care products with different scents and that address different issues.
    Keep an eye on our social media accounts and our newsletter for new product releases. 

    What else would you like to see from our beard care line? What kind of scents do you like? Products? What kind of beard issues do you need addressed? What other kind of blog posts would you like to see?

    Let us know in the comments below. We want to hear from you so we can give you what you and your badass beard want! 

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